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Saving America 
Send us your ideas on why, how, who, what, when and where we should save america. email to citizen@savingamerica.us

Each week we will select the best idea(s) and add to Your Ideas Page. 


Thank you for visiting our site. If you are here to gain knowledge through someone else's ideas then you should leave now and go listen to one of the many Talk at You radio Shows. What you will find here is our opinions based on our own ability to think. All that we ask is for you to read what we and other people have to say, sit back and think about it, if it makes sense go with it as your own idea, if not think up your own opinion and let us know your ideas. There is no one answer.

A Basic concept to go through life taught to me by "Grandpa Charlie,
Listen to what other people say, and then do as you damn well please!"

Believe it or not you can exist without being told what to think by the likes of Rush. He has a great following, but the ones I have met, "can screw up a cheese sandwich" (this by the way is one of my favorite sayings that a good friend of mine uses).

3 Truths On Saving The Economy
Writing on behalf of the Financial Services Forum, the leaders of Goldman Sachs, Bank of America, JP Morgan Chase and several other large financial institutions called for a bipartisan effort to address the U.S. budget deficit responsibly. There are ...
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